Tungurahua volcoano spewing ashMultiple sclerosis, as with all disease presentations, are multifactorial in that they are not simply something that happens to specific organ systems, but rather affect us on a variety of different levels. It is never the physician who heals the patient with a disease, but the individual who has the disease. In the natural medicine paradigm, the healing power of nature, or the Vis medicatrix naturae, lies within all of us and can be used to affect our own healing. This work, Journeys: Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom, the photos and essays therein, help awaken one afflicted with any disease to the power to heal that we hold within ourselves. I highly recommend this inspiring book to anyone wishing to take charge of his or her own health and recovery from disease.
—Thomas A. Kruzel, ND, Scottsdale, Arizona

These compelling stories are reminders that our bodies can be restored by matching our rhythms to nature’s cycles. Whether it is the small pond of a city park or the magnificence of a towering mountain and cliff, we can find solace and the power to go on; to heal is to understand that our bodies do not define us, but rather are a part of something much greater than ourselves; part of the sea and sky and in some ways, each other.
—Dr. Katrina Rogers, President, Fielding Graduate University

Journeys is contemplative, meditative, captivating and magnetic. The inspirational internal dialogue of healing and transformation, interspersed with poignant nature photographs, makes this book a gem. It is not a book to be filed on your library shelves; instead, it belongs on your coffee table for every passerby to flip through.
—Diana Raab, PhD, Writer, Transpersonal Psychologist, and Speaker

Journeys demonstrates again how the wild outdoors is a great teacher of self- awareness, which leads to self-transformation, an essential component in healing. The authors have truly actualized the original source of all healing, which is Nature and its ability to inspire our Inner Healer to restore and even cure itself. The unique thing about this book, besides its amazing photography, is that while the essayists have ventured into remote and spectacular areas to discover this healing force, they have also found it in the so-called “magic of the ordinary,” such as a spider’s web and the sound of the rain.
—David Cumes, MD, author of Inner Passages, Outer Journeys: Wilderness, Healing, and the Discovery of Self

Karen Roberts and Dana Simpson take us on their remarkable healing journey of self discovery and awareness. Natural rhythms and genuine curiosity prevail over mindset and hopelessness. They offer companionship and the inspiration to explore our physical ordeals with embodiment rather than fear. Tim Hauf’s pictorial vistas support the vital role nature plays in healing.
—Yuri Zelez, MA, Somatic Psychotherapist

Inspiring in both word and image, Journeys: Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom is a simply beautiful book with an enduring message that will be read with appreciation by generation after generation of readers. Very highly recommended, Journeys would make an extraordinary and appropriate Memorial Fund acquisition by community and academic libraries.
—Midwest Book Review