I am in this body all alone. No one can travel with me.

In the everyday of social media and traffic jams, cell phones and checkbooks, I tie myself in knots of impatience and confusion. I lose contact with nature’s wisdom. That is when I fear my aloneness and where my disease might take me.

Will it take me into the endlessness of the desert where the horizon looks the same? Where you do not know if you stand at the edge or in the middle?

When looking upward at night, I see the same endlessness in the cosmic story and I am filled with awe. I feel fear as awe or awe as fear, mixing these two. And then I am one with the endlessness.

Death Valley

I never want to forget that I belong in Earth’s embrace. Inside me is the same fertility of the desert’s soil. My body places me separate, but not alone, like the glory of the flower reaching through the cracks. I experience a deeper joy in accepting what I cannot control.

I am not alone after all. I abide in Nature. I am an anchor in the endless waves of sand and space, held in Nature’s web, a hardy flower rooted between the rocks.

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