Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom

Allow nature’s touch to promote healing from chronic illness.

Journeys: Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom teaches that thoughtful engagement with nature nourishes and deepens our identity, even in the face of long-term afflictions. The inspirational essays, coupled with the superb photographs of Tim Hauf, demonstrate that the courage to step beyond the restrictions of disease and discomfort will open the path to a new realm of awareness and self-expression.

From garden path to distant vista, follow your feet to a new place where the wilds can touch you. Come journey with us!


Journeys: Healing Through Nature's Wisdom
Foreword INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist

USA Best Book Awards WinnerJourneys: Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom is an Award-Winner in “Best Interior Design” and an Award Finalist in “Photography” for the 2015 USA Best Book Awards. This prestigious honor is awarded by USABookNews.com — the premier online magazine featuring mainstream and independent publishing.

These essays chronicle travels around the world in search of hope and an expanded definition of wellness. Karen Roberts and Dana Simpson made discoveries they never dreamed possible by immersing body and spirit in new places that renewed a sense of self. Through travel, they chipped away at life-limiting beliefs and regained their capacity for awe and wonderment. They reconnected to bodies exhausted by pain and loss of control, moved away from a medical system that tethered them to uncertainty and fear, and began to search for understanding, acceptance and transformation. With camera and journal, they set out to discover an artistic vision and voice. You can, too!